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Revocable Living Trust-Centered Estate Planning

At Heritage Law Firm, we help our clients with Revocable (also known as Living) Trust-Centered Estate Planning to accomplish, generally, three goals: 1) maintain privacy during their lifetime and after their death; 2) mitigate, and potentially completely avoid, the costly expenses of probate; and 3) save time and provide ease for the transfer of wealth.

In its simplest form, a trust has three parties: 1) a grantor (the person or persons who form the trust); 2) a trustee (the person or persons who manage the assets held in trust); and 3) a beneficiary (the person or persons entitled to a benefit from the trust assets). One of the main benefits of a Revocable Living Trust is that during a given client’s lifetime, said client serves as all three parties and has unfettered access to the assets held in trust. Another benefit is that the trust can be revoked (as its name suggests), amended, modified, or restated in the future.

Our Revocable Trust-Centered Estate Plan includes the following documents:

  • Revocable Living Trust;
  • Certifications of Trust;
  • Pour Over Will;
  • Personal Property Assignment;
  • Personal Property Memorandum;
  • Durable Financial Power of Attorney (Springing Provisions optional);
  • Health Care Power of Attorney;
  • HIPAA Authorization;
  • Living Will/Advance Directive for Desire of Natural Death.
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