Are You Satisfied With Your Estate Plan?

Are You Satisfied With Your Estate Plan?

Are you satisfied with your estate plan? Did you even know that you had one?

The fact is that every man, woman, and child in the state of North Carolina has an estate plan. But the truth is, you may not like it. Because if you don’t create a Will, set up a Trust, purchase life insurance, or own property in joint tenancy with right to survivorship your default estate plan is controlled by the intestacy laws of the state of North Carolina.

Intestacy is what occurs when an individual (“decedent”) dies without a valid will or will substitute. The biggest issue with intestacy is that the decedent has little to no voice in the outcome. The decedent has no say as to how much of his stuff his loved ones receive. (I use the term stuff not as a legal term of art, but as a general way to describe property.)

What you want to happen with your stuff after you die is never an easy conversation to have. The truth is, you may not care what happens after you die. But what if you do? The intestacy laws of this state may not be your best friend if you want to have say as to where your stuff goes. So how do you get to have a say as to what happens to your stuff? There answer is simple: execute an estate plan.

Heritage Law Firm can help you draft and execute an estate plan that works for you. After all, a primary practice area of Heritage Law Firm is estate planning. The first step to this process is admitting that you want to have control of where your stuff goes after you die. The next step depends on how you want to address this issue. Would you prefer to utilize our online service and have an estate plan emailed to you in two (2) business days? Or would you prefer the more traditional route and schedule a consultation to sit down with an attorney?

Heritage Law Firm is flexible in terms of meeting space in the Charlotte area. Call (704) 233-3550 in order to schedule your consultation!

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