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Fiduciary Representation

A fiduciary is a corporate entity or an individual who is bound by a duty to act in the best interest of another. A fiduciary relationship can take many forms and various legal titles carry a fiduciary duty. Some examples of official titles that owe a fiduciary duty are as follows:

  • Trustee
  • Personal Representative
  • Executor/Executrix
  • Administrator/Administratrix
  • Power of Attorney
  • Attorney-in-Fact
  • Guardian
  • Conservator
  • Heath Care Agent
  • Health Care Power of Attorney

Often times when someone finds themselves appointed in a fiduciary capacity, the first question they may ask themselves is, “to whom do I owe a fiduciary duty?” or, more simply put, “I have to act in the best interest of someone else…who and how?”

Sometimes, acting in the best interest of someone else can be a massive burden for our clients insomuch as the fiduciary wants to make sure everything he or she does is proper and legal. If you find yourself appointed in a fiduciary capacity for someone else, seeking legal advice can help unburden you in such a way as to give you peace of mind. Heritage Law Firm not only represents fiduciaries who seek to properly uphold his or her fiduciary duty to others, but also represents beneficiaries desirous of ensuring his or her respective fiduciary is acting properly.

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