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Wills v. Trusts

Avoiding Probate

Asset Protection

Long-Term Care Planning

Special Needs Planning

Real Answers to Elder Law Issues

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As a valued client looking for a refresher course or a potential client hoping to begin the planning process, we know you understand the importance of estate planning — but, if you’re like many of our clients, you may wonder how to delicately pass on this knowledge to others you care about.

That’s why we’ve created a webinar you can share with your family members & friends — and you’re welcome to attend for a refresher course!

What You Ought to Know About Estate Planning & Living Trusts

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During this webinar, we’ll discuss how proper planning can help ensure your estate passes to your loved ones quickly and intact — by avoiding the cost & delay of probate. Plus, in the event of illness or incapacity, proper planning can ensure your assets are managed by someone you choose in the manner you desire – not as a court-appointed guardian sees fit.

Estate planning is a hot topic and we hope you, your family & friends enjoy this webinar.

Why Do You Need to Attend These Workshops?

  • Changes in Probate/Fiduciary Law in North Carolina and South Carolina
  • You haven’t updated your estate plan after a major life event (death, marriage, adoption, divorce, kids out of the house, etc.)
  • You haven’t looked at your estate plan in over 3 years
  • You don’t have an estate plan
  • You’re concerned about your aging parents
  • You want to avoid the costs and delays of probate
  • You want to avoid and mitigate rising nursing home costs